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Aesthetic Surgery: Liposuction — Body Contouring in Lake Forest

Despite striving to be in good overall health and exercising regularly, many of us struggle with fat deposits that will not seem to go away. Common areas for people to experience this stubborn fat are around the abdomen, buttocks, ankles, upper arms, thighs, and below the jawline. Thankfully, the tried and true, minimally invasive option of liposuction, offered by Dr. Anthony Terrasse, will remove excess fat to create desired improved contours.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that enhances one’s appearance by vacuuming out fat cells. The techniques utilized vary depending on the location of the fat and the preferences of the surgeon and the patient. The procedure generally takes between one and two hours, frequently performed in the office with mild sedation and local anesthetic techniques and the patient returns home shortly after the procedure. With healthy habits and weight management, the results of liposuction create a more harmonious body shape and are long lasting.

To learn more about the various liposuction techniques including laser-assisted lipo with skin tightening and other body-contouring options, including non-surgical in-office fat reduction by freezing with CoolSculpting, contact the Lake Forest office of Dr. Terrasse at 847.234.2400 to set up a private consultation. Photography and 3D computer imaging technology by Vectra will help provide insight into your anticipated results.

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