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Photos & Computer Imaging

Digital photographs are taken to assist with pretreatment and preoperative planning. Special computer programs are frequently used to make adjustments to the images. These morphing techniques are used to help visualize the problem as well as the proposed alterations to help insure that your concerns are being addressed and the goals are realistic. Patient photographs are not displayed on the internet to insure patient privacy and confidentiality but representative photographs from patients who have given their expressed consent, may certainly be viewed in the office at the time of your consultation.

Wondering What Your Results Will Look Like? Preview Your Procedure With Vectra 3D Technology

Have you always wanted a cosmetic procedure but hesitant to make a final decision because you’re always wondering what the results will look like in the end? You’re not alone as many patients want a glimpse into their end results! Thanks to our new in-office three-dimensional photography system technology, you can preview the results of your future facial or breast procedure. 3D imaging technology is an excellent tool to help you make a final decision.


Dr. Terrasse uses VECTRA 3D technology, which is an advanced imaging system that captures 3D face, breast, and body images to allow Dr. Terrasse and his patients to preview surgery results during an in-office consultation. With ultra high resolution, the VECTRA 3D system is able to capture sharp definition of the smallest details of a patient’s body.

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VECTRA 3D Breast Imaging and Simulation

We are excited to be one of the select practices to offer this newest technology — See your new body in 3D. Try it now!

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Visualize the results that can be achieved from your procedure with computer simulations from the VECTRA 3D imaging system.

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