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Breast Reduction

While a woman’s breasts can be an integral factor in her feeling of femininity, if they are too large, they can also be a source of discomfort and cause self-esteem issues. Heavy, disproportionately sized breasts can cause a number of issues for women, including back pain and skin irritation in the breast folds, and they may even get in the way of your daily activities. At Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery, we offer breast reduction to decrease the overall volume of your breasts while also providing a bit of a lift.

Breast Reduction Considerations

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that involves the removal of fat, glandular tissue, and skin from your breasts in order to reduce the size, and alleviate some of the issues caused by large breasts. Ideal candidates for breast reduction are at a healthy, stable weight, and may struggle with the following issues:

  • Back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • Rashes or other skin irritations under your breasts
  • Poor posture from the weight of your breasts
  • Difficulty finding clothing that fits properly over your breasts
  • Loss of confidence because of your breast size

It is important to note that if you are considering breast reduction surgery, you may want to wait until after you are finished having children. Weight gain from pregnancy and the effects of breastfeeding can impact the size and shape of your breasts. Additionally, although it still may be possible to breast feed after undergoing the procedure, breast reduction may negatively affect your ability to breastfeed successfully, so these are topics you will want to discuss with Dr. Terrasse prior to undergoing surgery.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Depending on your symptoms and physical exam, once you’ve decided that breast reduction surgery is the right option for you, Dr. Terrasse will communicate with your insurance company to attempt to obtain pre-certification for the procedure for you. Regarding the specific technique, depending on the degree of correction needed for your breasts, he will choose from one of three incision techniques:

  • Periareolar – a donut-shaped incision around the areola
  • Lollipop – one incision around the areola and one vertically down from the areola to the breast crease
  • Anchor (most common) – a lollipop incision with the addition of another horizontal incision along the breast crease

Dr. Terrasse will then remove excess breast tissue, and reshape your breasts. He will reposition your nipple to a more correct and appropriate position on your smaller breasts, and reduce the size of your areolas to compliment your breast appearance.. He will also remove any redundant skin, which will lift your breasts to a higher, more youthful and feminine position. The results are more proportional breasts that better complement and enhance your natural body contour.

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Breast Reduction Recovery and Results

After your surgery, you will most likely wear a supportive soft bra to help shape your breasts and help reduce swelling. You will need to rest and let yourself heal properly for the first couple of weeks, but that includes walking around to keep your blood circulating and reduce the risk of blood clots. It is important to follow Dr. Terrasse’s post-surgery instructions to help ensure that you heal properly, including keeping your physical activity to a safe level during the first few weeks.

You will gradually be able to get back to your daily activities, although for the first couple of weeks, you should not lift more than five to ten pounds, and should try not to raise your arms above your head. You will most likely be able to return to more strenuous or high-impact exercise after about four to six weeks.

You will notice an immediate difference in your breasts after surgery, although your final results may not be completely visible until up to six months following the procedure. Your results will be long-lasting, as long as you maintain a stable weight, although aging, hormonal influences and pregnancy may result in natural changes to their size, shape and position.

If you are frustrated by the size of your breasts and want to explore your options for breast reduction surgery, Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery can help. Call us today at 847-234-2400 to schedule a consultation.

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