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With age comes a natural reduction in the vital building blocks of your skin – collagen and elastin. These proteins provide volume, lift and elasticity, so when they start to diminish, you begin to experience drooping and sagging skin, especially on your face. If you notice that your jawline is less defined, and that jowls are starting to appear, or that your neck is showing more lines, or even the beginning of a “turkey wattle,” it may be time for treatment. But if you’re not quite ready for a full surgical procedure, Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery has an option that may address your concerns – the PrecisionTx.

What is PrecisionTx?

Advancements in plastic surgery technology have given us a wide variety of options for treating issues that could previously only be addressed by an invasive surgical procedure. PrecisionTx is a laser liposuction treatment that not only removes excess fat from under the chin and neck, but tightens sagging skin in the process.

PrecisionTx is a minimally invasive laser procedure used to treat small pockets of fat in the lower face and neck area. It utilizes laser energy to melt excess fat, known as laser lipolysis, and the liquefied fat is then gently suctioned and removed. There are several uses for the targeted thermal technology of the PrecisionTx, including:

  • Reduction and elimination of fat under the chin and neck
  • Creation of a more defined, tighter jawline
  • Reduction in sagging skin

PrecisionTx treatments show excellent benefits even after one treatment session, but additional sessions can be performed for even more dramatic results.

How Does PrecisionTx Work?

The PrecisionTx laser fiber is contained within a thin tube that is inserted into the treatment area via a tiny incision. The thermal energy is focused only the area targeted for treatment, and doesn’t adversely affect any of the surrounding tissue. As the fat is liquefied, the heat from the laser also causes the tissue in the treatment area to tighten by coagulating the blood vessels as it works. With PrecisionTx, you are able to eliminate fat and tighten the skin at the same time – something that can’t be done with traditional liposuction. Another benefit of this treatment is that it works to stimulate collagen production in the area, naturally improving the thickness, texture and elasticity of your skin.

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Recovery and Results

When you choose PrecisionTx to slim and tighten your lower face and neck, Dr. Terrasse performs the procedure right in our office. The length of your session will depend on the size of the area being treated, but typically takes about an hour. He uses a local anesthetic and oral sedation to ensure your comfort, and once your treatment is complete, you are free to go home and begin your recovery. Unlike traditional liposuction, which can require two or more weeks of downtime for recovery, PrecisionTx allows you to return to your daily routine within two to three days following your procedure. Side effects are minimal, and may include some initial discomfort, as well as mild swelling and bruising. These are all normal, and will resolve themselves within a couple of days.

Because of the coagulation of the skin around the treatment area, you will most likely notice an immediate change in the tightness of your skin, as well as the absence of excess fat. The results of the boost in collagen production take a bit longer to see, but your final results are typically visible within three to four months following treatment, and will continue to improve over the year.

Results of your PrecisionTx treatment are long-lasting, as long as you maintain a healthy weight and skin care regimen. While you will enjoy a slimmer, more lifted facial contour for years to come, you may need a touch up in the future, as your skin will continue to age naturally. Dr. Terrasse may recommend a plan to help extend the longevity of your results if necessary.

If you are looking for a minimally invasive way to address excess fat and sagging skin in your lower face and neck, it might be time to explore the benefits of PrecisionTx. Call Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery today at 847-234-2400 to schedule a consultation.

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