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Juvéderm Vollure

Juvederm is one of the most prominent dermal filler brands on the market. Millions of people trust Allergan- An AbbVie Company to provide a comprehensive filler product line that can reduce signs of aging and bring years of youth back to their faces.

One of the advantages that the Juvederm line of dermal fillers has is that it is able to customize its formula to better suit certain areas throughout the face and body. Vollure is specifically designed to eliminate a prevalent condition known as nasolabial folds, the lines that form on the sides of the mouth between the nose and lips.

What Is Vollure?

Like all Juvederm products, Vollure is hyaluronic acid dermal filler. While the word ‘acid’ might sound intimidating, it is actually a compound that is naturally produced by the body. It has among the highest length of efficacy (18 months) and can also be used to treat parenthesis lines that extend beneath the lips as well.

Each injection of Vollure also includes a small amount of lidocaine to help with potential discomfort. When you couple all this together, plus the application of a cold compress before the injection, you get a safe, effective and virtually painless treatment that excels at softening deep lines around the mouth.

Why Do We Need Vollure?

As our bodies go through the very natural aging process, a few things start to change. The most impactful is that we begin to lose the amount of healthy substances in our skin and underlying-tissues that we enjoyed in our youth. Essentials like collagen and elastin are simply not as abundant, and, to make matters worse, the volume of our face also begins to falter.

This two-punch attack on our complexions means, for some, rapid deterioration of our skin integrity and vitality, ultimately leading to complexion concerns like deeper nasolabial folds and creases and wrinkles where we do not want them. Unfortunately, there is no permanent way to combat these concerns and even the most diligent skin-care enthusiasts will experience these conditions at some point.

Vollure and other Juvederm filler products offer a unique method of helping to alleviate these concerns without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. In short, we need Vollure because it is an important option that is reliable and is effective.

What Does Vollure Treat?

Vollure can be used to focus on one specific area: nasolabial folds, though it is often used to combat other creases associated with aging elsewhere on the face. It is specifically formulated to work in finer indentations and it is placed superficially beneath the skin surface.

Am I a Candidate for Vollure?

As injectable filler, Vollure is an option for most people regardless of skin tone or texture, making it much better than some laser options that are not well suited for all skin types. Ultimately, though, your candidacy will depend on your goals and specific details regarding what is bothering you.

Keep in mind that every cosmetic treatment has its limitations — Vollure is no different. You will not be able to achieve full facelift-level results with the use of an injectable product alone.

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How Should I Prepare for Vollure?

Other than avoiding potentially blood-thinning products such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, aspirin, and fish oil products for several days beforehand, there are no extensive preparations you need to make ahead of treatment. You will be able to arrive with no fuss at our facility and leave on your own as soon as the procedure is completed. We do recommend avoiding vigorous physical activity immediately after your treatment to help prevent bruising or discomfort.

What Should I Expect from a Vollure Procedure?

First, a thorough consultation is carried out with Dr. Terrasse and photographs are taken to help develop accurate goals and expectations. Usually, for an individual who has never had filler treatments before, the consultation and photo review are handled on a date separate from the first treatment to ensure your questions have been answered thoroughly and you have been off of blood thinning medications and possibly have taken an anti-viral medication if the injection is planned for near your lips. Prior to any injection, Dr. Terrasse has you rest with cold compresses or similar icing techniques to help numb the skin and constrict tiny blood vessels in the treatment areas. Then your face will be cleaned to help avoid the small chance of infection. Then, the injection will be made into highly targeted areas of the face that will best correct your concerns. The injections are completed, and your face will be cleaned once again and cold compresses by means of small ice cube type products are given to you for the ride home.

What Should I Expect During Vollure Recovery?

Your recovery is essentially returning to your normal routine except to avoid strenuous activity for a few hours to avoid bruising. You will be able to get right back into the thick of your responsibilities without missing a beat. You can even go back to work the same day if you don’t mind explaining a little redness in the injection sites. There will be no need for time off from work or other obligations, making it the perfect option for anyone with a tight schedule.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Vollure?

Vollure can last up to 18 months for most patients. But this will depend highly on the amount of correction that you need and how your body responds to the compound. Some people have additional injections throughout the year to help maintain a consistent appearance and to address new issues that may arise secondary to natural aging phenomena. Dr. Terrasse will monitor your results and help you figure out a treatment plan that will keep your results optimal.

Can I Combine Vollure with Other Procedures?

Dr. Terrasse does not recommend having laser treatment to the same area as a filler injection at the same appointment, but since Vollure is minimally invasive, it can be combined with most of our other services with no additional risk. Let us know all of the different concerns you are looking to address, no matter how small, and we will help you figure out the best plan to move forward in that process.

Rejuvenate Your Face with Vollure in Lake Forest, IL

If you are ready to learn more about how Vollure can help you with your cosmetic concerns, schedule a consultation with Dr. Terrasse by calling (847) 234-2400. You can also fill out our online contact form to have someone reach out to you at a convenient time for you. We are looking forward to walking with you through your aesthetic journey!

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