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Juvederm — Soft-Tissue Wrinkle Filler Lake Forest

If wrinkles and other signs of aging have staked their claim in the skin of your face, Juvederm may be an ideal solution to restore that youthful appearance.

Juvederm is a soft-tissue dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural human compound. Because of this, Juvederm is extremely compatible with one’s facial tissues and will not lead to allergic reactions or other rejections around the injection sites.

In the hands of experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Terrasse, and his caring staff, Juvederm products can be an effective tool for treating all kinds of facial aging. The hyaluronic acid can be utilized to act as a cushion to restore facial volume, as in Juvederm Ultra Plus, or it can be used to help fill in wrinkles, like with Juvederm XC. The products also have a “built-in” numbing effect because it contains a local anesthetic.

Regardless of the Juvederm filler that is chosen, you can expect several cosmetic benefits as a straight-forward office treatment. For example, the hyaluronic acid helps bring water to the surface, which helps maintain a hydrated and youthful look while stimulating collagen growth for long-lasting results.

To set up a consultation and find out more about Juvederm products, including Voluma for the cheekbone areas and temples, or other injectable options, contact our Lake Forest office today.

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