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Facelift — Surgery Lake Forest Pre-Operative Details

As we get older, deep creases, sagging and undesirable fat deposits become more prominent along our facial features. In order to restore more youthful, firmer skin and pleasing contours to the face, Dr. Anthony Terrasse offers multiple facelift procedures and treatments that result in a more harmonious look and fresher appearance. But, before you have your surgery, there are some things to be mindful of in the days leading up procedure.

Dr. Terrasse takes every possible step to decrease the potential for complications. One of these steps is to inquire about and review any medications you are taking; if one has the potential to interfere, you will be advised to discontinue use for at least two weeks prior to operation. In addition, pre-operative photographs will be taken to serve as a planning tool and as marker for you to see where improvements will be made.

To learn more about the preparation details of a facelift, set up an appointment for a consultation at our Lake Forest office.

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