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Breast Reduction — Lake Forest Breast Surgery

Breast reduction surgery offers significant benefits to women desiring smaller breasts. There are a number of reasons, both medical and cosmetic, for women to undergo this surgery. Whatever the case may be, our goal is to provide patients with the best experience and results possible.

It’s important to understand that for many women, large breasts are more than just an aesthetic issue – they are also a health concern. Large breasts can cause discomfort and/or pain in the shoulders, neck and back. Large breasts can also cause rashes, difficulty with breathing, interfere with certain movements, activities, and exercise, and even can cause upper extremity numbness, tingling and headaches.

Breast reduction surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure that takes about three hours. An outpatient procedure means the patient is able to return home the same day of surgery or stay just overnight in the hospital for observation.

To learn more about breast reduction, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Terrasse at his Lake Forest location at 847.234.2400.

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