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How Long Does it Take to Recover After Breast Augmentation?

The healing process after your breast augmentation is a crucial period that will ultimately determine your results. The days and weeks following your breast augmentation are important, and it is best to know what to expect during this period and what you can do to achieve optimal recovery.

At Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery, we want you to achieve the best results possible after your breast enhancement procedure. Following your surgery, you will receive thorough aftercare instructions including additional steps you can take to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery process.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enhances your breasts and improves symmetry and shape. The procedure utilizes synthetic implants that are often made of, or filled with, either silicone or a saline solution. Silicone implants are the more popular choice and are round and have a cohesive silicone gel, but saline implants are popular too because they involve smaller incisions and a slightly shorter scar.
The procedure can be entirely customized based on your unique desires. Implant type, size, placement, and which surgical techniques are utilized will depend on your breast augmentation goals. A wide range of sizes are possible and various surgical techniques can be used, each of which will be thoroughly reviewed, including 3D photo imaging and analysis before you undergo surgery.

Breast augmentation is an exciting procedure that will correct your cosmetic concerns with your breasts while giving them a more youthful, firmer but feminine appearance to enhance your overall figure.

What Should I Expect Immediately After My Procedure?

You may experience discomfort and tightness in your breasts for several days after your breast augmentation, but this is normal, and you should not worry. Bruising, soreness and swelling will also be present and will subside after several weeks. Dr. Terrasse will have you wear a comfortable, but supportive, bra to help reduce swelling as your breasts continue to heal.

It is essential to have a loved one or friend around for a couple of days as you recover from your breast augmentation because they can help you with daily tasks, such as cooking and cleaning and provide you with companionship to keep you in good spirits as you heal.

You can potentially return to light activities after several days but will be advised not to return to more physical type work until after two weeks or so. More strenuous activities, such as exercising and lifting weights, should be entirely avoided until Dr. Terrasse believes you can resume these activities, usually taking up to four to six weeks.

How Can I Make My Breast Augmentation Recovery a Smooth Process?

Ensuring your breast augmentation recovery is a smooth process requires being equipped with the right knowledge for postoperative care. Doing so will allow you to go into the procedure with confidence and a clear mind. There are three essential steps you can take to ensure your breast augmentation is a smooth process.

Dr. Terrasse will request that you wear your supportive garments as directed, ask for help when needed, and maintain a healthy diet. Compression garments are designed to help minimize swelling and stabilize the implant so that there is limited strain placed on the stitches, reducing the risk for complications. Ask for help when needed.

Having a partner, friend or family member help with household duties, meal preparation and childcare can help tremendously and allow you to receive the right amount of rest you will need. Maintaining a healthy diet will significantly help ensure you recover smoothly and heal properly. It is essential to consume foods with nutritional value and to drink plenty of water. You should avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, as these can inhibit the healing process.

Undergo Breast Augmentation at Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery and Receive Optimal Care

Breast augmentation is a tried and true surgical procedure that can significantly improve your look by adding volume to your bust and make your figure more pronounced with curves. The procedure can be entirely customized to suit your desires and needs. However, ensuring your results turn out as best as they can be will require a bit of effort during the recovery process.

This will mean making certain that you adjust your lifestyle accordingly for several weeks until your breasts have completely healed. By undergoing breast augmentation by Dr. Anthony Terrasse, you will receive optimal care every step of the way during your recovery process. You will be provided with proper aftercare instructions, and we will be available to assist you if you have questions during this period of recovery.

If you are a resident of Northshore communities or the Chicagoland region and are interested in learning more about breast augmentation, please get in touch with us at 847-234-2400 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation.

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