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Body Lift — Terrasse Body-Contouring Procedures Lake Forest

Body Lift procedures are comprehensive surgeries that typically follow massive weight loss. After this degree of weight change, many individuals are left with a significant amount of loose, sagging skin throughout their body that can only be corrected with surgery.

The body lift combines several lifting techniques to remove excess skin and fat that would otherwise be unsightly and uncomfortable.

This procedure is customizable to fit the exact needs and preferences of the patient. In most cases, extra skin and soft tissue can be removed from the upper arms, chest and breast, abdomen, thighs, and buttock areas. Combination procedures are frequently appropriate and decided on by the patient and surgeon after an evaluation and thorough discussions on the risks and benefits. For the most complete results, a total body lift is often a possible option, though both the operation and the recovery can be longer and more involved.

Ideal candidates for this procedure are those who are seeking to remove excess drooping skin and who have been at a stable weight for a couple of years to allow time for their skin to accommodate to their new underlying figure.

For more details about body lifts, contact experienced and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Terrasse to schedule a consultation.

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