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Anthony Terrasse: The Eyes Have It! Eyelid Rejuvenation and Blepharoplasty in Lake Forest

Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery offers the full spectrum of techniques, treatments, and products that help restore youthful eyelid and brow contours and that bring back that vibrant, refreshed look! North Shore board certified plastic surgeon, Anthony Terrasse, MD, is specially trained to identify exactly what is needed– from specially formulated eye creams to expertly placed fillers and injectable muscle relaxers like Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau– his practice provides finesse with honest analysis.

And for those who might benefit from minor surgery, Dr. Terrasse’s 20+ years of experience has helped thousands of patients reduce eyelid bags, heaviness and puffiness, reduce lines and smooth wrinkles by blepharoplasty techniques. Finally, you can stop the “are you tired?” comments by undergoing either upper or lower eyelid lift procedures under local anesthesia with minimal sedation as an outpatient procedure. Enjoy a refreshed look, minor down time and very little short-term discomfort.

The eye area is certainly not a “one method treats all” situation, and a thorough evaluation with a complimentary photo imaging analysis can help you see what might be best for you. Please call and make an appointment at our Lake Forest office with Dr. Terrasse and receive a complimentary skin care evaluation with effective recommendations by his highly regarded medical aestheticians of our ERASE MediSpa.

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