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SmartLipo and PrecisionTx in Lake Forest

Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery is excited to offer advanced technology in-office procedures that are extremely effective in reducing fat and tightening of the overlying skin in both body areas and of the lower face and neck. Treatments that previously required general anesthesia or intravenous sedation can now safely and efficiently be performed using only oral premedication and local anesthesia.

SmartLipo and PrecisionTx surgery begins with a numbing agent applied in the incision areas and the patient remains awake and conscious during the entire procedure. Melting the fat with gentle laser energy before suctioning allows the fat to be broken down and makes the removal process easier. The laser energy used literally liquefies the fat cells, which adds finesse to the removal process compared to removing chunky fat.

This ease of extraction plays a significant role in expediting the healing process. After the fat is removed, heating the collagen protein in the tissues contributes to the skin-tightening process. Recovery time is greatly reduced compared to traditional procedures and patients wear compression garments and return to their normal routine in a few days.

Contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Terrasse at our Lake Forest office to learn more about in-office body and neck line improvement procedures.

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