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Is Rhinoplasty Right For Me

Ongoing dissatisfaction with one or more physical features of your nose, as well as functional or aesthetic problems due to injury or trauma are just some of the common reasons why patients decide to undergo rhinoplasty. Commonly known as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty consistently ranks in the top ten of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures. While it may seem like a straightforward surgery, rhinoplasty requires a high level of experience and training to produce superior quality results.

Dr. Anthony Terrasse of Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery & ERASE Medispa, who was recently named a Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon by Newsweek Magazine, has a wealth of experience and training as a plastic surgeon, as well as an eye for aesthetics and detail. If you do decide that a rhinoplasty is right for you, you’re in good hands with Dr. Terrasse. His passion for artistic symmetry, coupled with his attention to detail and ongoing education and training make him the preeminent choice for rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago’s North Shore area. Keep reading to learn more about things you may want to consider when thinking about undergoing a nasal-refinement (surgical or non-surgical) procedure.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Your nose is composed of cartilage, tissue and small bones, all of which work together to create the shape and appearance of your nose. Any changes made to any one of these components can significantly alter the appearance of your nose, which is why rhinoplasty can be an intricate, complicated procedure. During rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Terrasse works with these individual parts, utilizing a range of techniques to alter the nose both aesthetically and functionally as needed. The techniques he uses for your rhinoplasty will depend on both your personal goals as well as on the natural anatomical makeup of your nose.

Considering how delicate this procedure can be, it’s especially important to choose a doctor with extensive training and experience in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Terrasse is not only a board-certified plastic surgeon, but is a nationally-recognized expert in the field of Aesthetic Surgery, as well as a member and spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

These are the types of credentials you should look for when choosing the right surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty procedure.

Reasons to Consider a Rhinoplasty Procedure


Many people considering rhinoplasty want to change the shape and appearance of their nose, which is known as cosmetic rhinoplasty. Depending on the anatomical makeup of your nose and the look you’re going for, cosmetic rhinoplasty may only require that external adjustments be made. In some cases, altering the internal structure of the nose will be necessary to achieve the look you want. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is typically done to change the overall shape of the nose, making it wider, larger, narrower or smaller. The tip of your nose can be altered as well.


Injuries, genetic abnormalities and growths inside the nose can impede the flow of air into the nose and make breathing difficult. Under these conditions, rhinoplasty can be done to change the shape or structure of the nose so air can flow through normally. This type of procedure will likely involve altering the septum. The septum is the long, large piece of cartilage tissue that runs along the very center of the nose. Changing the position or size of the septum typically is considered a medically necessary surgery because the goal entails a marked improvement in function, and may be covered by health insurance.


Ethnic rhinoplasty is an approach that changes the appearance of the nose, but in doing so, remains true to the patient’s ethnicity – enhancing your nose and balancing your features without sacrificing the various nasal features that characterize different ethnicities. The objective is to give you a beautiful, natural looking nose that remains in harmony with the rest of your face and unique features.

Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

The decision to undergo rhinoplasty is a personal one, based on dissatisfaction with certain features of your nose and the desire for a different look. The presence of one or more undesired nasal features may well make you a good candidate for rhinoplasty, including:

  • A crooked septum that makes the nose appear off-center
  • A bump on the bridge of the nose
  • A wide nose
  • An indistinct or drooping nasal tip
  • Cosmetic irregularities due to injury or trauma
  • Breathing difficulties

Call Us Today to Schedule a Consultation

While there are many plastic surgeons that can perform rhinoplasty procedures, it makes the most sense to entrust the alterations of the focal point of your face to someone with vast experience and continuous training in the procedure. You want to make certain that the plastic surgeon you choose possesses the level of expertise necessary to deliver the superior results you expect. Dr. Anthony Terrasse of Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery has repeatedly been named “Top Doctor” in plastic surgery by multiple sources including the Castle Connolly Guide, Chicago Magazine, U. S. News & World Report, and Newsweek. A thorough evaluation and discussion with Dr. Terrasse will provide you with all the information needed to ensure that your procedure is safe and successful. Please call Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery today at 847-234-2400 to schedule a consultation.

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