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The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation without Surgery – The Liquid Face Lift

Restoring Volume and Smoothness with Juvederm, Voluma & Botox-Lake Forest/Chicago North Shore

Think about it- Isn’t looking more youthful and healthy in under an hour with no downtime and no surgery an attractive idea? Well, now it’s a reality and an extremely popular option for patients of Dr. Anthony Terrasse & ERASE MediSpa of Lake Forest.

The addition of Voluma, a new longer lasting injectable found naturally within the skin, to the cosmetic procedure spectrum adds a new and exciting dimension with overwhelming satisfaction. The soft, but cohesive and strong gel will not expand after injection, allowing for controlled, precise results. When used in the deeper layers beneath the skin, and combined with the ever popular filler Juvederm for the more superficial dermis, and Botox for relaxing the overactive wrinkle causing muscles of the forehead and temples– a pleasant, natural, fresh look can be achieved without scars or the need to forego an active lifestyle.

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