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The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation without Surgery – The Liquid Face Lift

Liquid Face Lift

Restoring Volume and Smoothness with Juvederm, Voluma & Botox-Lake Forest/Chicago North Shore
Think about it- Isn’t looking more youthful and healthy in under an hour with no downtime and no surgery an attractive idea? Well, now it’s a reality and an extremely popular option for patients of Dr. Anthony Terrasse & ERASE MediSpa of Lake Forest.
The addition of Voluma, a new longer lasting injectable found naturally within the skin, to the cosmetic procedure spectrum adds a new and exciting dimension with overwhelming satisfaction. The soft, but cohesive and strong gel will not expand after injection, allowing for controlled, precise results. When used in the deeper layers beneath the skin, and combined with the ever popular filler Juvederm for the more superficial dermis, and Botox for relaxing the overactive wrinkle causing muscles of the forehead and temples– a pleasant, natural, fresh look can be achieved without scars or the need to forego an active lifestyle.
Call Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery & ERASE MediSpa at 847-234-2400 for more information and to schedule your complimentary consultation. We’re excited to meet you!

5 years ago

Breast Augmentation — Form Stable Silicone Implants Lake Forest

Breast Augmentation Lake Forest

If you are among the millions of women who have considered the options available to increase the size of your breasts, but were never fond of the less than natural shape associated with some implants, there is good news. A few years ago, the FDA approved a new silicone breast implant that provides a more anatomically correct shape. These form stable implants have since revolutionized breast augmentation surgery.
Form stable breast implants, also known by some as “Gummy Bear” implants, are the latest generation of silicone implants. When used for a patient’s breast augmentation, they offer a natural “teardrop” shape. These implants contain more cross-linking of the silicone gel for added cohesiveness compared to the standard variety.
To learn more about this implant, and all breast augmentation and breast lifting options, contact Dr. Anthony Terrasse to set up an appointment for a private consultation. Included in your evaluation will be the review of your photographs utilizing computer-aided Vectra 3D Breast Imaging for accurate size and shape simulation.

5 years ago

Soft-Tissue Fillers — Lake Forest Non-Surgical Injectable Cosmetic Treatments

Soft-Tissue Fillers Lake Forest

The fight against aging is a constant battle. In today’s cosmetic procedure market, the non-surgical options available continue to grow. Injectable soft-tissue fillers are now one of the more popular cosmetic procedures offered.
The main reason people have turned to soft-tissue fillers to such an extent is due to the undeniable combination of cost, convenience, and effectiveness these treatments provide. These treatments also usually require minimal or no recovery or downtime, which is great for people on the go or with busy schedules.
Some patients turn to soft-tissue fillers because of an aversion to surgical treatments. It’s worth mentioning that many patients have incorporated both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments into their upkeep.
To learn more about soft-tissue fillers or to hear about which brands are specifically available, contact the Lake Forest ERASE MediSpa of Dr. Anthony Terrasse to schedule a consultation today.

6 years ago

VECTRA 3D Breast Imaging and Simulation

We are excited to be one of the select practices to offer this newest technology — See your new body in 3D. Try it now!

See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My Dream

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Our Best Offer Ever

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Juvederm Voluma XC Testimonial

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ERASE those Saddlebags!

Now’s the time to
those saddlebags!

Special Pricing for our Fall CoolSculpting Treatments through January 15th!

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Fall Specials

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Terrasse Aesthetic Surgery and ERASE MediSpa are proud to offer the newest applicator for inner and outer thigh shaping and reduction! CoolSculpting’s unique technology uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without surgery or downtime. The procedure is FDA-cleared, safe and effective. The results are lasting and undeniable.

With over 1 million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide, people everywhere are getting a better view of themselves, thanks to the one-of-a-kind CoolSculpting procedure.

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